with a vision

At Tandoor we are a family that makes sure to provide our clientele with a place of choice for any occasion.



We wish to accomplish that anybody who walks into the door enjoys the warmth of indian hospitality through its cuisine and variety of beverages.

Our goal is for our clientele to enjoy their night by reviving india again and again.



Our story begins from the year 1989, coming to Taiwan with a dream of telling you a story of ourdeep rooted culture and rich traditions, to deliver an experience which takes you beyond just a bowl of curry. Through the aromatic smells and tastes of herbs and spices carefully handpicked by our chefs, each dish is carefully prepared with local produce and meat to ensure the creation of the authentic flavors brought to your table. Our intention is to give you a true glimpse of Indian hospitality as well as its proud heritage. With an extensive menu of curries and beverages,its not just a place to eat and drink, but a place to relive India again and again.

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