Our story begins from the year 1989, coming to Taiwan with a dream of telling you a story of our deep rooted culture and rich traditions, to deliver an experience which takes you beyond just a bowl of curry. Through the aromatic smells and tastes of herbs and spices carefully handpicked by our chefs, each dish is carefully prepared with local produce and meat to ensure the creation of the authentic flavors brought to your table. Our intention is to give you a true glimpse of Indian hospitality as well as its proud heritage. With an extensive menu of curries and beverages,its not just a place to eat and drink, but a place to relive India again and again.

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Tandoori Nazrana

Tandoori Nazrana

Tandoori Mixed Platter

Chicken tikka, chicken Malai, sheekh kebab and fish tikka (made for two)


Chicken Tandoori

Tender Chicken leg Marinaded in traditional spices and yogurt freshly roasted in the oven to perfection (half) 320


Sheekh kebab

Minced mutton, gently spiced and rolled onto a skewer, then roasted in the tandoor.


Murg Tikka

Pieces of boneless chicken marinated in authentic spices and yogurt, then roasted in the tandoor and served on a sizzler.


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Tasty dishes

Indian Breads


Leavened bread cooked against the side of the Tandoor.



Unleavened whole wheat bread.



Deep fried leavened whole wheat bread.


Butter Lacha Paratha

Bread with several layers made with whole wheat flour and butter.


Garlic Naan

Naan baked with finely chopped garlic and then enriched with butter.


Romali Roti

Amazingly thin handkerchief like bread thrown up in the air for leavening origination from the city of Lucknow.




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